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behind the scenes of continuity by y.t.f.l.i.n.s.t.o.n.e., 2013

photos by Amir Aziz

(Source: amirazizme)

Youthful Kinfolk Artist Mixer (2013)

Loaner Life attended an up-coming SF bay area artist mixer / meet curated by Youthful Kinfolk. Conglomerating photographers, music artists, radio hosts videographers, etc alike in the bay area, ca, this is hoping to be the first of many assembles for collective thought of unity in the bay area and potential collaborations.

My personal experience through my artistic en-devour has always been isolated—by intention. Artists in the bay area are often seen as, more often that not, part of a clique or group that had no individuality to associate with on a personal level. This made my experience as an artist feel like i was “on the outside looking in”, while intertwined in my own perception of what i want to do with my artistic expression.

From this mixer i learned about the person behind the name; Behind the projected perception and the blog titles. This mixer allowed me to see the residents in my own backyard and meet them for who they are and why they do what they do. I got a more sense of unity through association of the next up in the bay area.

- Amir Aziz

Attendees included: Dayvid Michael (CaliMade), y.t.f.l.i.n.s.t.o.n.e. (Loaner Life), Amir Aziz (Loaner Life), Chaz Hubbard (Reel Filmz), Kenny Foster (Loaner Life), Dregs 1, Meles , Rayana Jay (Loaner Life), Salima Weber, T-Ran (LifeBeforeTime), Dejen (LifeBeforeTime), Azuré, Beejus, Myles Bless (Loaner Life), T.V. (Wake Up), RGLND (LifeBeforeTime), Chito Floriano (HBK Gang), Nate, The Kid Rated R, J. Lately, DNas, Diego Mendoza (Frosty Sauce), Carbyne (CaliMade/Native Son), Clyde Shankle (CaliMade/Native Son), Vell Taylor, Maxx, Marcus