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RiME RADIO X 3/22/13 y.t.f.l.i.n.s.t.o.n.e’s “Here & Now” Mix y.t.f.l.i.n.s.t.o.n.e “Earbuds” Video (Circa 2011)

In celebration of y.t.f.l.i.n.s.t.o.n.e’s (@ytflintstone) new mixtape “Neo Griot" released 3/27/12, we decided to spin some of his past work as well as some of his new material from the new project. Also below for our own entertainment we give you y.t’s first official video "Earbuds" (post Hyphy movement).

Download and Stream “Neo Griot” here:


y.t.f.l.i.n.s.t.o.n.e X Continuity (produced by Freddie Joachim) X Official Video

"This time around, being it was my forth self directed video I felt I as if I wanted to expand not only my skills but my representation as an artist. I came up with the idea of self seclusion as the theme for the video simply because it was that same route I had chosen to go to get the "Neo Griot" mixtape done. With all the sporadic changes of the outside world I had to aim for gaining some type continuity inside myself. Enjoy

-Wallah “y.t.f.l.i.n.s.t.o.n.e” Umoja